Bellatrix is a forex trading bot based on machine learning, which analyses trading transactions, predicts changed, selects growth points and signals to sell or buy forex pairs.

The bot was created from scratch by the team of experienced blockchain developers at Bellatrix. We do its best to bring profit. Altough it is not perfect, as well as any machine or creature, but still you can be sure that your balance will increase steadily.

Bellatrix Bot himself tells about what he is like, what he needs and how to contact him.

All you need - is scroll.

I’m Bellatrix

A forex-currency trading bot based on machine learning.

I want to invest
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I have
an analytical system

It allows to do quite exact forecasts.
Here is how it occurs:
having analyzed diagrams of the auction,
I predict growth in certain points and
I send signals for puchase of currency.

I can make
an accurate

It is necessary to process a huge number of information, but I do not complain.On these data my forecasts are built.

Technical Analysis
Technical Analysis
Consumer Price Index (CPI)
Industrial Production
Retail Sales
Fundamental Analysis
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
Producer Price Index (PPI)
Economic Indicators

Buy currency
at a good

On the basis of the signals received in case of analytics I select the most relevant signals and I make purchases according to the following diagram:

Buy low

I sell
with maximum

I try to sell currency with the maximum profit, carefully selecting for this purpose the moment. Generally I rely on ability to select growth points:

Buy low
Sell high

As a result,
my system
in profit

I go out is not always a plus, but the average balance of your wallet is always a little increase.


How does it work?

To get passive profit, all you need to do is to follow simple instructions

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